The Best Costa Rica Outdoor Adventures

Why do most people love Costa Rica’s outdoor adventures? They are perfect for bonding with your family. They can help you unplug from the daily grind. They are great for discovering new hobbies and passions. They improve focus and better sleep. And they are physically demanding, so they can improve your physique. And they offer afford you the opportunity to experience fun and beautiful scenery like no other.

Some of the best Costa Rica outdoor adventures.

  • Bird Watching

The Arenal Volcano and Monteverde are perfect places for watching birds in Costa Rica. You will watch several birds early in the morning and in the afternoon because birds are most active during these times. You will watch hawks, parakeets, parrots, and toucans near the Arenal Volcano.

Monteverde is a perfect place for birdwatchers because it has over 450 species of birds, which you watch on an early morning bird-watching tour. You may even watch the rare Resplendent Quetzal in Monteverde.

Additionally, you may watch other animals such as deer, agouties, and coatis in Monteverde. 

  • Explore Nature Trails

Want to enjoy nature with your family? Take your kids to explore nature trails at Carara National Park. It is a bio-diverse park. It is a home of scarlet macaws, colorful jacamars, parakeets, and parrots. And you may come across three-toed sloths, red brocket deer, and capuchin monkeys. Also, the park has both a dry and tropical rainforest.

  • Ocean Kayak and Snorkeling

Love kayak and snorkeling? Or do you want to experience Costa Rica’s rich sea life? You will love ocean kayak and snorkeling in Samara.  Kayak and snorkeling tours allow you to paddle to Chora Island, where you will enjoy the scenery, beautiful white sand beaches, and dive in the water and snorkel.

  • Catamaran Cruise

A catamaran cruise to Tortuga Island offers the best outdoor experiences for both children and adults. Snorkel in clear placid waters. Kick back in palm-lined sands. Watch your kids enjoy playing volleyball. Also, natural hires allow you to discover the diverse wildlife.

  • Aerial Tram and Zipline Tours

Costa Rica offers the best aerial tram and zipline tours, which allow you to discover the beauty and diversity of the rain forests in Costa Rica. Aerial tram ride allows you to soak up spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and observe canopy wildlife. And you can zipline across the jungle.

  • Scenic Rides

However, some of Costa Rica’s nature hikes are hard for the kids. So, scenic rides are perfect for exploring the rainforest waterfalls as a family. Your family can explore the most-secluded waterfalls in Costa Rica in a shaded open-air 4×4 vehicle. And head to lookout points, where you can see beautiful views of sandy beaches, Pacific waters, and rainforest canopy.

  • Horseback Riding 

You can enjoy horseback riding in almost every place in Costa Rica. Horseback riding is perfect for exploring the countryside in Costa Rica. Ride through forests, where you will enjoy the natural beauty and spot different species of wild animals. Also, you can ride along beautiful beaches.

  • Sport Fishing

Sportfishing is one of the best Costa Rica outdoor adventures. You will enjoy sport fishing with knowledgeable locals and healthy waters in this country. Costa Rica’s coasts are blessed with a variety of fishes like roosterfish, sailfish, Mahi, and the mysterious marlins.

  • White Water Rafting

Costa Rica offers so many white water rafting rivers with different degrees of difficulty. That is why it is easy to find a white water rafting river that suits your skill level as a peddler. Some of the best white rafting rivers are the Reventazon, the Corobici, the Sarapiqui, and the Pacuare. If you are a beginner paddler, you will enjoy the Corobici, where you can watch the wildlife along the shores.

These are some of the best Costa Rica outdoor adventures. You will enjoy most of these outdoor adventures with your family. If your kids love playing at the beach, you will never lack something to do at the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. To avoid getting bored, choose something your family loves doing. If your family loves horses, you will enjoy horseback riding.

Once you decide to visit Costa Rica, write down what you will do in this country. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of outdoor activities. Also, join guided tours, especially if you are a beginner. For instance, if you are a new hiker, join guided hiking.


Where to Go Hiking in Costa Rica?

Do you love hiking and backpacking? Then you will love hiking in Costa Rica!

You can hike along beautiful beaches, through rainforests, and mountains. There are so many hiking trails in Costa Rica. And you will love the unique locations of these hiking trails. Costa Rica is the most adventurous hiking and backpacking destination.

Here are the top places to go hiking and backpacking in Costa Rica.

    1. Cahuita National Park

It located on a perfect beach. And a lush forest surrounds the park. The park has flat and well-maintained hiking trails. You will see howler and white-faced monkeys while hiking. However, there are no camping grounds in the park and some trails are closed during the rainy season. The best time to visit this place is between November and April.

    2. Arenal Volcano Park Hike

It is a 7,114-acre park. It has beautiful views. And the park opens at 8 am – 3 pm for hikers. You will go on a guided hike through the primary rainforest. And you will hike over old lava flows. Professional naturalist takes hikers to see several animal species and a unique set of plants.

    3. Lankester Botanical Garden

It is the easiest hiking trail in Costa Rica. It is perfect for beginners. You will see beautiful gardens. You can visit this garden at any time of the year. Hiking takes 1 to 2 hours of walking. If you want to view the orchids in this garden, visit the garden on drier months between November and April. However, the garden does not have camping facilities on site.

    4. Ricon De La Vieja National Park

You will enjoy the beauty of nature in this park. You will see geysers, mud pots, and fumaroles, which are part of the Yellowstone in Costa Rica. The park has 7 backpacking and hiking trails, which are from 3 km to 8 km. There are both easy and challenging routes in the park. And it has a few camping sites.

    5. Mount Chirripó

Mount Chirripó is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. It rises 3,821 meters above sea level. Most backpackers and hikers love the peak of this mountain because it is gorgeous. And the park area contains so many streams, rivers, and lakes. When you reach the top of the mountain, you’re sure to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

    6. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Is one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica. It is perfect for hiking. It has around 13 km of trails, which are perfect for beginners. It offers guided and unguided tours. You will enjoy hiking in this park because of the wide range of flora and fauna. And you may even get a chance to see the elusive quetzal.

    7. Corcovado National Park

It is one of the greatest destinations for hiking in Costa Rica. And it offers one of the best views in this country. You can stay at the lodges around the park or camp in the park. Reserve a camping spot inside the park if you want to fully enjoy the park. You can visit this park at any time of the year.

    8. La Selva Biological Station

It comprises of 1,600 hectares of tropical rainforest. It has around 60km of trails. It is a great ecological zone to visit. Want to hike through a rainforest? You will definitely love their hiking trails. Naturalists offer guided hiking. And the hiking trails are perfect for beginners. You can stay at dorms and cabins, but you have to book them in advance.

Costa Rica offers several hiking trails for both beginners and experienced hikers. If you have been looking for the best countries with the best hiking trails, you will love the hiking trails in Costa Rica. You can enjoy the most beautiful views while you are hiking on some of these trails.

So to summarize, hiking in Costa Rica is exciting and fun. You will not reap the rewards of taking in the most beautiful views. You will also see a lot of animals there are natural and unique in the country. Also, there are both guided and unguided hikes. If you are a complete beginner, start with the guided hikes. You will feel much safer because you are hiking with an expert. Also, you might want to choose the easiest hiking trails to avoid getting tired quickly. If you are an advanced adventurer, you can grab you backpack and find a route that suits your desire. Regardless, you are guaranteed to find a hiking trail you will love in Costa Rica.


The 6 Best Hiking Backpacks On The Market Today

What are the top packs for going on a hike?

Whether you’re going to do a bit of day hiking or you’re going to do some trekking, you’ll want to bring along a good hiking backpack. Although there are many quality backpacks out there, we’ve narrowed our choices down to the six best ones. With that said, the six best hiking backpacks on the market are:

  1. High Sierra Long Trail 90
    Some of the best things about this hiking backpack is it has a large main compartment that has an adjustable top lid. Other noteworthy features includes the waist belt, the molded foam back panel and the sleeping bag compartment. Also, it cones with a rain cover.

There’s only a few negative things we can say about the High Sierra Long Trail 90. Some people complained that the buckles could have been built stronger. Other than that, there’s no cons about the product.

Depending on where your purchase the High Sierra Long Trail 90 from, you can expect to pay around $120. This is a fair price for this backpack. It is the ideal product if you’re doing a long day hike or a weekend-long hike.

  1. Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000
    This is one of the best hiking backpacks on the market because of the internal frame pack, which means it will not slide off your back and you can adjust the harness. Other things we like about the Adventurer 4000 is the breathable mesh that covers the harness and the shoulder straps are comfortable because they are padded. As for room, there is plenty of room for you to store all your hiking essentials.

The backpack alone weighs around 6-pounds, which is a bit on the heavy side. Then again, if you’re doing a long hike, then this isn’t a bad thing. Also, some reviewers have complained about the zipper on the sleeping bag compartment, but you might not have any issue with it.

This backpack doesn’t cost a lot. In fact, we are surprised at how much it goes for. You can buy it for around $120.

  1. Osprey Aether 60
    A few of pros include the backpanel’s external hydration sleeve, which makes refilling easier and it protects the Osprey Aether 60 from spills. Let’s not forget about the hip-belt, which keeps the backpack balance as you progress through your hike. Other good things include easy access to the main compartment and it is lightweight.

There’s not a lot of bad things that can be said about it. The straps might feel stiff to some people. Also, the bottom straps might not be long enough for some people’s liking.

The backpack is expensive. However, it is well worth the price. You can get your hands on it for around $250.

  1. LeeLoo Extra Large 90 Liter
    The LeeLoo is extremely large, so it is the perfect backpack for very long hikes and treks. The waist straps are padded, it is durable and rugged, so you’ll love owning it for years to come. Not only that, but it is relatively lightweight and it is extremely easy to use. This is the backpack for you if you want something that is functional, durable and looks good.

In all honesty, there’s really no cons. However, it is a very large backpack. If you’re after a medium or small-sized hiking backpack, this isn’t it. If you’re after an inexpensive backpack that costs around $45, then the LeeLoo 90 liter bag is for you.

  1. The Teton Sports Oasis 1100
    You can purchase this backpack for around $100, which is a bargain. It was designed for those who do all-day hikes or overnight hiking trips. The backpack is comfortable, features a foam stabilizer and it comes with a hydration bladder.

As for cons, some users have complained about the main compartment’s zipper. Some people have struggled with it. However, this does not mean you’ll have the same issue. Other than the zipper, the chances are you’ll love the Oasis 1100 from Teton.

  1. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L
    Asides from having roomy compartments, being lightweight and having a functional design, the backpack has a waterproof rain cover and it also has a laptop compartment. The OutdoorMaster hiking backpack was made to last, so you can bring this on even the most rigorous hikes. Furthermore, you can buy it for around $40, which is cheap.

There are no cons. If we had to say one remotely bad thing about it, it would be the design aspect. Some people might not like the way it looks, but this is a minor thing and comes down to personal preference.

You can’t go wrong with any of the above hiking backpacks. Each of those backpacks are worth their prices, but you should do additional research on each one. Check out this site to learn more about some of these packs. After you do that, then you can decide which hiking backpack you should get.